Was the Founder of the Gay Rights Movement a Satanic Pedophile?

Most people are unaware of the true nature of many gay activists. I’m sure the majority of homosexual men are against pedophilia, but some of the leaders of these gay rights movements are quite the opposite. One of those leaders is Harry Hay, who is one of the founders of the modern gay rights movement […]

Terry Gilliam Defended Pedophiles and made a movie that Normalized Pedophilia

Terry Gilliam is a famous filmmaker who has created many popular films such as 12 Monkeys, Time Bandits, Fear and Loathing, and more. Over the years, he has made some strange statements that one could perceive as defending pedophiles. In 2013, Terry Gilliam called Operation Yewtree a “witch-hunt.” Operation Yewtree was a police investigation into […]

Was the Boy Scouts Founder a Pedophile? The History Of Pedophilia in the Boy Scouts

Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouts Association, which inspired the Boy Scouts of America, may have been a pedophile. Tom Jeal’s The Boy-Man, a biography of Powell, details Powell’s attraction to young boys. The book also tells us how Powell liked to look at photos of nude schoolboys with his friend, a schoolmaster and amateur snapper of […]

Was Willy Wonka a Pedophile?

One of the most famous scenes in the original Willy Wonka is when the joyful candymaker shows his newest invention: lickable wallpaper. As the children and their guardians lick the wallpaper, Wonka declares: “The strawberries taste like strawberries! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!”     Most people just assume that “snozzberries” is just a fictional […]

Johnny Depp’s relationship with Allen Ginsberg

  Allen Ginsberg. Irwin Allen Ginsberg ( June 3, 1926 – April 5, 1997) was an American poet of Jewish origin, and one of the leading figures of the Beat Generation of the 1950s. Allen Ginsberg was also one of the most vocal supporters of NAMBLA, The North American Man/Boy Love Association. The North American Man/Boy […]

The Pedophile Wolf that Johnny Depp Played in the movie ‘Into the Woods’

  Into the Woods had a very creepy scene involving Johnny Depp. In this scene, Depp, who appears as the Wolf, meets Little Red Riding Hood, played by Lilla Crawford. The two then share the duet, “Hello, Little Girl,” as the young girl gets distracted by flowers on her way to visit her grandmother.   Here’s the […]

Was the creator of Peter Pan a Pedophile?

  J.M. Barrie, the author of Peter Pan, was a very creepy individual. He was portrayed as a kind and caring man by Johnny Depp in 2004’s Finding Neverland, but was that portrayal historically accurate? According to some evidence, Barrie may have preyed on young children. Please follow and like us: