Does The Lost Boys Contain Hidden Messages about Pedophilia and Satanism?

The Lost Boys is a classic 80’s film that has gained even more popularity as time has went on. The film is about two brothers who move to California and end up fighting a group of vampires. Throughout the film, we see posters of missing people but the majority of those missing people are children.

One scene even shows the “little boy lover” pedophile symbol on a community posting board with pictures of missing kids and adults.

top of the picture

Close-up of the image

That symbol looks like the “little boy lover” swirl that matches the official FBI pedo network symbol:


But the Swirl from the picture is also inside of a triangle, which also may have a connection to the triangles in the FBI pedo symbols. That image from the movie was most likely not placed there accidentally because it’s directly placed with photos of missing children.

What is the purpose of placing the “little boy lover” symbol in the movie? Well it could be used as a some sort of message for other pedophiles. The fictional city of Santa Carla is based on Santa Cruz, California. Therefore, there could be a child trafficking network operating in Santa Cruz and the symbol from the movie was simply an advertisement meant for pedophiles looking to buy children.

Another clue is that the title of the movie is a reference to the Lost Boys in J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. The story of Peter Pan was inspired by J.M. Barries own lost boys, who he molested.

There is also a little boy in the movie, by the name of Laddie, who seems to be an actual “lost boy” with no parents. The boy seems to consider the other vampires as his guardians, but one scene reveals his character to be a missing child, on a milk carton:

Missing children appearing on milk cartons was first inspired by Johnny Gosch, a child who was kidnapped by pedophiles and still hasn’t been found to this day. Most missing children cases involve a child being kidnapped by pedophiles, and many of these pedophiles are Satanists who engage in child/adult ritual sacrifice.

Like actual Satanists, the vampires in this movie may prefer the blood of the young, which is why so many children were kidnapped. One scene depicts Michael drinking the blood of one of the vampires to become a vampire:

This drinking of blood is similar to the satanic ritual parties where actual blood is the beverage. After Michael is initiated, he has a bad trip that results in a transformation of his mind that leads to possession.

The initiation scene ends with a noticeable picture of Jim Morrison in the background, which is a reference to Jim Morrison’s own blood ritual.

Morrison’s infamous induction into the occult began through his relationship with Patricia Keneally and was portrayed in Oliver Stone’s The Doors. In Patricia Keneally’s own book, she described how they cut each other’s wrists and drank some blood, and said “it’s what real witches do.”

One of Morrison’s band members, Ray Manzarek, even admitted that Morrison was possessed:

Jim’s contribution to music is that Jim was real, real on stage, real when he wrote his songs, when he sang his songs on the studio. He was not a performer. He was not an entertainer. He was not a showman. He was a shaman. He was possessed, man!!”

This is why The Lost Boys is filled with Jim Morrison references, including the Doors theme that plays in the film and the numerous posters of Morrison in the vampire cave.

The film is basically telling you that Morrison was also a “vampire.” Like Morrison, Michael was also possessed. The actor for Michael even resembles Morrison, which was most likely done on purpose.

The vampires in the lost boys are just a representation of Satanists. The movie is just one of the many Hollywood films with hidden messages of pedophilia and Satanism.






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