Terry Gilliam Defended Pedophiles and made a movie that Normalized Pedophilia

Terry Gilliam is a famous filmmaker who has created many popular films such as 12 Monkeys, Time Bandits, Fear and Loathing, and more. Over the years, he has made some strange statements that one could perceive as defending pedophiles.

In 2013, Terry Gilliam called Operation Yewtree a “witch-hunt.” Operation Yewtree was a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations against Jimmy Savile and other celebrities. He criticized the widening of the net after Jimmy Savile was exposed as a pedophile and said: “I’m personally very angry.”

Now why in the world would someone be so angry at the police for investigating possible pedophiles? By October 2015, 19 people had been arrested by Operation Yewtree and seven of these arrests led to convictions. So it seems the operation wasn’t a “witchhunt” like Gilliam had claimed, since it led to many convictions since his statement.

But that isn’t the only time Gilliam defended pedophiles. In 2009, Roman Polanski was arrested in Switzerland for a decades-old warrant related to the rape of a 13-year-old girl. Gilliam was one of many celebrities who signed a petition to free Roman Polanski.

Those had to be the only times when Gilliam defended pedophiles, right? Wrong, Giliam also had this to say in an interview with the A.V. Club:

Lewis Carroll would definitely be now branded a pedophile, probably, which is nonsense. It’s just bullshit. He never touched her, as they say. And J.M. Barrie? All the people who actually did write great children’s books were pedophiles. And [Robert] Baden-Powell, who started the Scouts, was a pedophile. It gets very weird. The word, actually, is probably all right, because they did love children. They were entranced by children. They certainly weren’t touching them up too much, I don’t think.”

He claims Carroll never touched the little girl, but this picture shows him kissing the girl:


Lewis Carroll even took a nude photo of a little girl and it is held in the French Museum, according to the Telegraph. Why is Gilliam so confident that Carrol never touched the girl? Gilliam also defended J.M. Barrie, despite evidence that Barrie was a pedo , and defended Baden-Powell, who liked to look at nude photos of little boys.

Tideland, a movie by Gilliam, was even accused of promoting pedophilia. Owen Gleiberman, from Entertainment Weekly, claimed the film was a flirtation with pedophilia in his review of the movie. Many other critics of the movie have said similar things.

[image from the movie Tideland of 9 year old girl and older man kissing]

The little girl becomes close with this older man during the movie, and they kiss one another several times during the film. At one point, the man crawls on top of the little girl, and they both wiggle their tongues at one another. The man also tells the girl that her grandmother used to French kiss him when he was just a little boy.

In one scene, the girl mentions the man’s “thingie,” referring to his penis. Another scene shows the girl witnessing people having sex. The movie is very perverted and it’s hard for many to watch.

Is this why Gilliam defends pedophiles so vehemently? Is this movie secretly trying to influence people that love between a man and a little girl can be normal? Sadly, It seems Gilliam may be one of the many people who are trying to normalize pedophilia







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