Was the Boy Scouts Founder a Pedophile? The History Of Pedophilia in the Boy Scouts

Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scouts Association, which inspired the Boy Scouts of America, may have been a pedophile. Tom Jeal’s The Boy-Man, a biography of Powell, details Powell’s attraction to young boys. The book also tells us how Powell liked to look at photos of nude schoolboys with his friend, a schoolmaster and amateur snapper of his pupils.  If this were done in today’s world, Powell would have been arrested for child porn.

The could mean that Powell created the Scouts as a front for pedophilia. J.L. Tarr, a Chief Scout Executive in the 1980s, said regarding sexual assault cases against Scout leaders in all 50 states: “That’s been an issue since the Boy Scouts began”.

Prior to 1994, there were over 2,000 reported cases of sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts of America. In May 1991, the Washington Times published an investigation into the sex abuse in the BSA. In the conclusion of the investigation, they wrote:

The Boy Scouts are a magnet for men who want to have sexual relations with children…Pedophiles join the Scouts for a simple reason: it’s where the boys are.”

It’s almost as if that was the intention of the Scouts all along due to the nature of its founder. The founding of the Scouts may not have been the lone idea of pedophile, but a bigger idea thought up by a group of powerful people.  Those powerful people may have been the Freemasons.

There is heavy speculation that Powell was in the freemasons.  If the Purpose/Aims and Principles of Scouting were to be translated into adult terms, it would be seen that they are nearly identical with those of the Freemasons. Even Powell’s younger brother, Major David Baden-Powell, was a member of the Freemasons.

In 1935 to 1941, Powell appointed Freemason Arthur Somers as his chief deputy. He was appointed as Chief Scout after the death of Baden-Powell. Yes, that means a known Freemason was the chief Scout of the Scout Association at one point.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Freemasons had a heavy influence and connection to the creation of the Boy Scouts, and hence why the Boy Scouts may have been founded as a front for pedophiles.

White male child of perfect innocence and intelligence makes the most suitable victim.”
Aleister Crowley – 33rd degree Freemason.




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