The Pedophile Wolf that Johnny Depp Played in the movie ‘Into the Woods’


Into the Woods had a very creepy scene involving Johnny Depp.

In this scene, Depp, who appears as the Wolf, meets Little Red Riding Hood, played by Lilla Crawford. The two then share the duet, “Hello, Little Girl,” as the young girl gets distracted by flowers on her way to visit her grandmother.


Here’s the video of this disturbing song:


The song appears to have a secret sexual meaning.

Take a look at the lyrics:

Look at that flesh
Pink and plump
Hello, little girl
Tender and fresh
Not one lump
Hello, little girl
This one’s especially lush
Hello, little girl
What’s your rush
You’re missing all the flowers
The sun won’t set for hours
Take your time
Mother said: straight ahead
Not to delay or be misled
But slow, little girl
Hark and hush
The birds are singing sweetly
You’ll miss the birds completely
You’re traveling so fleetly
Grandmother first
Then Miss Plump
What a delectable couple
Utter perfection
One brittle, one supple
One moment, my dear
Mother said: come what may
Follow the path
And never stray
Just so, little girl
Any path
So many worth exploring
Just one would be so boring
And look what you’re ignoring
Think of those crisp
Aging bones
Then something fresh on the palate
Think of that scrumptious carnality
Twice in one day
There’s no possible way
To describe what you feel
When you’re talking to your meal
Mother said
Not to stray
Still I suppose
A small delay
Granny might like
A fresh bouquet
Goodbye, Mr. Wolf
Goodbye, little girl
And hello


The most disturbing part of the lyrics was the line “Look at that flesh, pink and plump, Hello, little girl.”

The pedophilia gets even worse when Red Riding Hood has a song immediately after about the experience of being “eaten by the wolf.” During the song she admits how exciting it was to be near the wolf, and how she now ‘knows things’, things that he showed her.

Video of the song:

Even the original Broadway musical, that this movie was based on, was accused of pedophilia with those songs.

Here’s a video of the original musical:

The wolf touches the girl several times and even has a penis. It’s a wonder why Disney even decided to make a movie based on the controversial musical.

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